Solvent – New Ways

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Jason Amm aka Solvent, electronic music producer based in Toronto, released few months ago his new album “New Ways – Music From The Documentary: I Dream Of Wires” on Suction Records.

The album consists of 11 tracks; used as soundtracks for the documentary “I Dream Of Wires” produced by Jason Amm and Robert Fantinatto.

Our first impression after watching the film was highly positive; we learned so much about the history of modular synthesizer and were so thrilled by the music in it.


We found all of the tracks mesmerizing especially “King Vincent”, “Quantimations” and “Themogene”.

We liked the smoldering pulse and  luscious synth swirls in “Quantimations”. The whole creates a psychedelic dimension. Whereas, “King Vincent” has this retro synth pop feeling, quite raw and transcendental. We liked its analog approach. While “Themogene” epitomizes the beauty of modular synthesis in its pure abstract form..

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