Q&A: Bonnie Banane


1)Who are you?

My name is Bonnie Banane.

2)What do you do?

I sing and I’m an actress too.

3)Where do you often create/produce?

Either at home on my own, either with my friend Walter Mecca , or at Grande Ville studio in Montreuil, France.


As often as I can.

5)Why do you play music?

‘Cause it feels good, no?

1)Which track defines you the most?

One that hasn’t  come out yet.

2)Any track of the moment?

Les feat Slim Thug  – Opulence

3)What influences your work?


4)Do you consider yourself as an Artist? If so, why?

Among other things yes, I guess, because I work in the art field? what do YOU think?

5)What’s your academic background?

None in music, but I just got out of three years in the National Conservatory of Drama Arts of Paris.

Are you an autodidact?

Musically, yes.

6)Favorite designer?


7)Favorite Classic movie?

Joan of Arc by Carl Theodor Dreyer.

8)Favorite book?

La nausée by Jean Paul Sartre.

9)Favorite word ( that you most overuse)?


10) Favorite music label?


11) Your dream collaboration?

Conversation book with Charles Manson.

12) What’s your life motto (quote)?

Oo baby I like it raw – ODB 

13) Any “mot de la fin”?


– photography by Emma Le Doyen and Samuel Rixon-