Butane & Stephanie – She Got That Janky Leg EP


Andrew Rasse aka Butane, Alphahouse label-head based in NewYork, just released his new EP “She Got That Janky Leg”, in collaboration with Stephanie, dj/producer based in NewYork.

The EP consists of three tracks; “Jitter Jaw”, “It’s Time To Jank” and “Talking Jit” featuring Katel.

We found the whole EP thrilling. We liked how “Jitter Jaw” announces the color of the EP. The coordination between the vocal and  the extended bass sounds is excellent. While “Jitter Jaw” presents a less enthusiasm, however the fusion between the  shuffled rhythm and the redundant vocal empowers subtly the leading bass.

“Talkin’ Jit” l has a different tone because of Katel’s dubbed-out vocal lines. They strangely bring to the EP some nice old school vibes..


Butane & Stephanie – She Got That Janky Leg EP