Loud Neighbor – Escape Control


Loud Neighbor’s ‘Escape Control’ L.P will be released via W0RKT34M  this 20th March.

The L.P consists of 10 tracks:

1. Escape Control
2. Español
3. Spineless
4. Constant
5. George
6. Sandfly
7. The Fellonship
8. Black Clouds
9. Train Daddy


Although few weeks ago we reviewed “The Fellonship” and “TacoTalk”, we couldn’t refrain ourselves from posting the entire L.P.

We found its consistency bewitching. We really liked the interdependency of the vocal and the production. It’s interesting to see how the tracks  are completely different  from each other although they present some noticeable similarities.  Undoubtedly, each track brings something special to the L.P

Besides “TacoTalk” and “The Fellonship”, we really liked “Escape Control”. The track is neatly well balanced, we liked the junction of the bass lines and the vaporous vocal..

Loud Neighbor – Escape Control

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