Darius – Romance EP


Darius, Dj/Producer from Bordeaux (France), just released few days ago his new EP “Romance” via Roche Musique.

This new EP was a total discovery. Listening to it was  a pure delight, a travel beyond the speed of light..

The EP consists of  four tracks :

01 – Espoir
02 – S/ash
03 – Hot Hands
04 – Vanyll
05 – Omeo

We liked the whole package. Although, the tracks seem so different to each other,  their interdependency gives to the EP a specific Identity.

For “Espoir”, we liked its avant-garde nu-disco vibes.  We liked how It presents some compulsive synth patterns.  “Slash” is also super cool, we liked its optimism and lightness. While “Hot Hands” unveils a smooth atmosphere, accompanied by a suave vocal.. 

” Vanyll” is more jovial and  confers this variety of interesting beats. On the other hand, “Omeo” is more chill although it has an enthralling dynamic..

Darius – Romance EP

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