Pink Skull – Huitlacoche (LP)


Pink Skull, Djs/Producers  from Philadelphia, will release their new upcoming LP “Huitlacoche” this February 10th, via My Favorite Robot Records.

The LP consistis of 13 tracks:

1. Burmese Engines
2. Huitlacoche
3. Abalone
4. Ryryryry
5. Backfat
6. My Other Feet is My Car
7. Invijt
8. Trans Gender Express
9. Mutant Comfort
10. Carriers
11. Detergent Suicides
12. Perfect Suites
13. Sabayon

This album is a pure gem. We liked its ecclectism and how listening to it was like digging some curiosities in a vintage music store. The surprise is present in each of the tracks.

Overall, the variety of electronic sounds mesmerized us. This album is very graphic and presents a consistent avant-garde atmosphère.

Our favorite tracks are “Burmese Engines”, “Trans Gender Express” and “Mutant Comfort”.

“Burmese Engines” presents an emerging organic pattern, very pleasing. While “Mutant Comfort” has a more deep and tech atonal ambience.

We also liked the linearity of “Trans Gender Express”.  Strangely, the first thing we visualized while listening to it was Fritz Lang’s film “Metropolis”…


Pink Skull – Burmese Engines