1)Who are you?


2)What do you do?

Dim: Trashing on youtube, playing video games, making beats.

Nick: Eat. Work. Lift. Make music. Sleep. Repeat.

3)Where do you often create/produce?

Mainly in our home studio, generally wherever.

4) When?

Mainly late at night, generally whenever.

5)Why do you play music?

Because #yolo.

1)Which track defines you the most?

Really can’t tell.

2)Any track of the moment?

Dim: PARTYNEXTDOOR – Relax With Me


3)What influences your work?

Haribos & Tsipouro.

4)Do you consider yourself as an Artist? If so, why?

Nah, not really, sounds kinda heavy.

5)What’s your academic background?Are you an autodidact?

We both have studied sound engineering and music production.

6)Favorite designer?

We don’t have any particular favourite but we really like the works of Leif Podhajksy and Andy Gilmore.

7)Favorite Classic movie?

“Witness For The Prosecution”.

8)Favorite book?

Haven’t read any books in a very long time.

9)Favorite word ( that you most overuse)?

Tespa (anyway).

10)Favorite music label?

Project: Mooncircle, Lucky Me, Friends of Friends just to name a few

11)Your dream collaboration?

12)What’s your life motto (quote)?

Let’s go drink til we can’t feel feelings anymore.” – Peter Griffin

13)Any “mot de la fin”?

Merci á tous pour l’amour et le support!




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