Q&A: Wim Plug (Kraak & Smaak)



(Left to right; Mark Kneppers, Wim Plug, Oscar De Jong.)

5Ws :

1)Who are you?

My name is Wim Plug, member of the Dutch producer / dj / live trio Kraak & Smaak.

2)What do you do?

Produce music, dj, play live

3)Where do you often create/produce? 4)When?

In our studio or at home, f.e. when making dj and radio mixes.

4) Always!

5)Why do you play music?

To tickle myself and others.

1)Which track defines you the most?

2)Any track of the moment?

Paul Woolford – Untitled (Scuba remix).

3)What influences your work?

Old and new vinyl and every genre of music that spawns original music.

4)Do you consider yourself as an Artist? If so, why?

Nahh, not really.

5)What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact?

I have a Masters Degree in Social Geography, but apart from the topographical knowledge, which is handy when on tour, it didn’t really help my musical endeavours LOL

6)Favorite designer?

Hans Ubbink, a Dutch clothing designer.

7)Favorite Classic movie?

Barfly (with Mickey Rourke).

8)Favorite book?

I Just read ‘Stoner’, by John Williams. Best book I read since ages.

9)Favorite word ( that you most overuse)?

‘sowieso’ (Anyhow).

10) Favorite music label?

For now: Local Talk.

11) Your dream collaboration?

Lana del Rey singing on our next album!

12) What’s your life motto (quote)?

The Future is Yours.

13) Any “mot de la fin”?

Ok, some shameless self-promotion 😉 Be sure and check out our Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/kraaksmaak) for our latest releases!

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