Debukas – I Am Machinery LP


Debukas, “one man synth orchestra”/Dj/Producer from  Glasgow, Britain (UK), just released his forthcoming LP. ” IAM Machinery”.

We found this album super interesting. In deed, listening to the album is like getting a music history class. The synths are rising from everywhere and are in a constant metamorphosis state. We can totally feel Debukas’ music unfluences..

Besides, the androgynous aspect of this album makes it more appealing.   Experimental, House, Tech, Deep, Pop.. hard to define. This album is a good way to show that we can’t always put a label on Music. Music is more than genres.. Music is undefinable, uncatchable , only the Soul can interact with it ( thats the reason why we review all “type” of music, we don’t like to be categorized in one  Music Blog genre).

Undoubtedly, this album is a great surprise. In general, We liked how the blossoming  synths lines  are fusioned with the multi layered vocals. It creates a very  cheerful/danceful atmosphère..

Our favorite tracks are ” Rings” and ” South”. We liked the emerging futuristic sounds in “Rings” and  “South”, a very  à la Japan electronic ambient track.           Furthermore, ” Tape Symphony” reminded us of Kraftwerk with the futuristic synths and Queen (the vocal lines). While ” Shake” kind of reminded us of David Bowie in his early career.

Debukas – I Am Machinery LP