Tempelhof – Frozen Dancers


Few days ago, Hell Yeah Recordings released Tempelhof’s new LP. ” Frozen Dancers”.

Tempelhof, electronic duo from Italy, totally enchanted us with this unique album.

For us, with APP’s new album ” Appiness”, this album is another gem to add to our favorite “coup de coeur” of the year.

This album is like the wind, uncatchable but limitless. In order to reach its real essence, It needs to be listened in one shot. Indeed, all the tracks are correlated and interdependents.

We liked the diversity presented in this album, all the different sounds, vocal mixed together made us feel something intangible but real, the cold. Conjointly, all the sounds are experimentally well recherched, this album is a piece of jewelry.

We also liked how in each track, the juxtaposition of sounds along with the mellifluous vocals create an emotive/ambient atmosphère, in which all the beauty resides in its authentic analogue texture.

Tempelhof – Frozen Dancers

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