George Issakidis – Karezza


George Issakidis, guru of electronic music, who has been releasing music for more than 15 years, surprised us with his new album ” Karezza”, released few months ago on Kill The Dj label.

This album is a pure gem. Rediscovering his music was just a blast. We liked the spontaneity of the album, full of surprising beats.. We liked also how this album can’t be categorized in a single genre, as an artefact, it totally charmed us.

Among our favorite tracks, there’s “Summer Solstice”,” Cherry Red”,”Next To You” and “Karezza”. But they’re all great and genuinely interdependant which brings to the album an intelligent homogeneous whole..

Make sure to watch Karezza’s clip video, directed by George ¬†Issakidis himself. It gives to Karezza, an even more psychedelic aspect. Inspired by Tantrism, a movement within Hinduism constituted by various techniques( Yoga, Yantras, Mandalas..) which enhance your meditation in order to achieve a state of pure consicousness.

Likewise, we liked the allusion to the Hindu Goddess, Kali ( our favorite)..

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George Issakidis – Karezza