Gábor Lázár – EP16


Gábor Lázár , sound artist from Budapest, released few days ago his new EP 16 via The Death Of Rave.
We found the minimalist approach of this EP quite fascinating.  We liked how  brilliantly he tackled down the process of reduction synthesis. The auditory experience slowly loses its ‘otherness’ attribute  and  harmonically metamorphoses itself into an introspective journey.  We also liked how each tracks has its own color and deliberately showcases the diversity and richness of this peculiar process..
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Drexciya – Aquabahn



James Stinson and Gerald Donald aka Drexciya, Detroit duo, released back in 1994 this gem “Aquabahn” from their album “The Unknown Aquazone” on the label Submerge.

We are posting this gem  just for the sake of the swirling synth lines..

(Its futuristic approach is quite fascinating.)

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Ste Pwri Tmod – E2

 dSte Pwri Tmod aka Route 8 and S.Olbricht, producers from Budapest, released few days ago their new track “E2″.

We liked how this track deliberately stimulates its speed. We also liked how the notion of time is challenged all along the track, while its redundant rhythmic drive lightens an opportunity to lose our senses and to infiltrate  our consciousness..

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Keith Fullerton Whitman – London & Toronto, Ontario (2014)

uj Keith Fullerton Whitman, musician based in Cambridge, released a month ago this beautiful soundscape from his previous performance in London and Toronto.

The introduction is thrilling. We liked how it showcases a diversity of sounds and how the composition is constantly changing directions. The sounds’ suggestiveness is taken at its pure essence, which somehow enhances the unexpected degree of our listening experience.

We also liked the timelessness quality of the flourishing computerized sounds; we felt like floating in the space the whole time but with a degree of realism which made us even more  anchored in our  existential thoughts..


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Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber – (Surreal) Number (eMEGO 191)



Marcus Schmickler, german composer, released  few months ago this track “(Surreal) Number” as part of his collaborative project  with Julian Rohrhuber : “Politiken Der Frequenz” via Editions Mego.

We liked how this track embodies the beauty of data sonification. According to his statement, this project consists of an acoustic rendering of number concepts and was inspired by Alain Badiou’s “Le Nombre et Les Nombres”. 

We actually liked the fact that the concept of the number was used as an object of sound and all the sonic possibilities that were presented in the LP. The empirical approach of this track definitely bewitched us..


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Coh – Becha-Kpacha (Matmos Crunchtime Mix)


Ivan Pavlov aka CoH, russian sound artist, recently released on Editions Mego this remix by Matmos, of his “Becha-Kpacha” from his last album “TO BEAT OR NOT TO BEAT”.

We found this remix quite remarkable. Its intellectual approach induces an extemporaneous stimulation of all the senses.

We liked the duality between the  pastoral computerized atmosphere and the melodious patterns. Besides, its derivative approach amplifies its effervescent quality. We also liked how Matmos is crescendo sculpting a neue entrancing ambience on top of the original one..




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Oren Ambarchi – Quixotism Part 5 (eMEGO 202)


Oren Ambarchi, australian composer/multi-instrumentalist, released few days ago “Quixotism Part 5″ from his upcoming album “Quixotism” via Editions Mego.

(official release: October 27th)

This interlude definitely exudes a tour-de-force manoeuvre .

It really takes you to a journey where time is abolished and contentment prevails. During 14:44 minutes, we lost contact with reality and our conscious state. We liked the duality between the organic electronic sounds and the tabla lines. Besides, we liked how the ethereal quality of this “part” is subtly accentuated by the add of tangible instruments. The overall listening experience made us feel so small and big at the same time.

Paradoxically, the blend of the different sonic elements is inflected in our personal identity..

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